Marilyns is a growing family of gourmet recipes crafted to be as tasty as they are healthy. But she just keeps outdoing herself. Her gluten free and preservative free treats are better than tasty, they’re a delicious reminder of sunny days. And thats why she bakes — to make others feel good about eating their favorite foods. That success has made Marilyn a household name. Her crackers, cheese straws, cakes, Bubble BreadTM Mix, Muffins, and other products can be found in many of the Krogers, Wholefoods, and Mom & Pops style shops located throughout the Southeast. So while you’re shopping for a slice of happiness, you feel like you’re right where you need to be. And if you’re ever in Atlanta, stop by the Bake House and say hello to Marilyn. Shes always got something in the oven ready to share.


Cheese Straws

Marilyns cheese straws are a southern tradition specialty. Made with 0 gluten, 100% real ingredients, and infused with a hint of something extraordinary — they’re worth their weight in cheese. Some boast a hint of cayenne. Some have bits of jalapeño baked right into the bread. Some are just out-of-this-world delicious. You’ll want to order thirds, and fourths, and many extras for loved ones to share.


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